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Thank you for stopping by my loft.   As you can see, I have done some redecorating.  I hope
that it is pleasant viewing.  I have taken on this new look in hopes to expand my talents.  I am
hoping to, one day soon, offer exclusive templates, as well as linkware sets for you all.   Don't
worry, I will always have free things here for you, such as my backgrounds and presets. 

Before you grab the desired items from this site, make sure that you have reviewed and agree with
my terms of use.  This is very important.  Even if you take something from here you are still bound
to the terms of use on my graphics.  Simply meaning, you take something and are displaying it on
your site, and it is suppose to have a link on the page with it and it does not, I have every right to
ask you to take it down and take further action if need be.  I don't want to do that, and I don't want
you to go through that either.  So please be sure to read the terms of use page.

Well this about covers my babbling for now.   Hope you enjoy your visit and have a great day/afternoon/evening!


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